CeRAI March Roundup

2024 March

By: Sitara Raman


From media appearances to new joinees, CeRAI had a busy month in March of 2024. Here is everything that we accomplished this month:

Media Appearances:

BS Manthan


At 2024's BS Manthan conference, Professor Ravindran spoke about recent attempts to introduce VR learning in schools, and gave his opinion on whether or not in can replace in-person interaction. At the same conference, we also discussed how to make AI affordable in India and how India needs to invest in creating its own AI technology. We also proposed an AI-based solution for digital financial inclusion of migrant workers.


CeRAI at the IITM Open House

IIT Madras
Date: 03/04/24

On March 3rd, 2024, the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM) hosted its 16th annual Open House, where it presented cutting-edge technology developed to the general public.CeRAI participated by operating an exhibition booth for the Wadwani School of Data Science and AI, showcasing the upcoming plans and goals of the new department at IITM.

New Fellows:

We are pleased to welcome to CeRAi Urvashi Aneja and Tarunima. Urvashi is a researcher, policy analyst and entrepreneur whose work seeks to drive an equitable and just distribution of technology gains. Tarunima is a researcher working at the intersection of technology, policy and global development.