AI and Ethics for the Indian Context

An ethical framework in the field of AI should not be a mere appendage to its technological aspects. Rather, ethical understanding should be treated as an important aspect of the reasoning and rationalization of the impact of AI on the society.

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Hidden Voices

Hidden Voices is an open source project by Robert Bosch Center for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (RBCDSAI) and SuperBloom Studios with the support of the IIT Madras Alumni Association, created to reduce the gender data gap in Wikipedia.

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Legal AI

The project is being carried out as a collaboration between the Centre for Responsible AI, IIT Madras and Precog group, IIIT Hyderabad.

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Participative AI Policy Framework

“Closed-door approach” of AI poses concerns in terms of fairness/bias issues, inaccuracies/glitches, privacy/security issues and explainability/transparency issues. Deploying AI systems and services to crucial sectors with potentially large social impact needs to be built and deployed such that there be no harms to the users and stakeholders.

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Responsible AI Policy Study

The NITI Aayog serves as the apex public policy think tank of the Government of India, and the nodal agency tasked with catalyzing economic development, and fostering cooperative federalism through the involvement of State Governments of India in the economic policy-making process using a bottom-up approach.

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