Hidden Voices

PI(s): Balaraman Ravindran (IIT Madras) and Raji Baskaran (Superbloom Studios


Hidden Voices is an open source project by Robert Bosch Center for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (RBCDSAI) and SuperBloom Studios with the support of the IIT Madras Alumni Association, created to reduce the gender data gap in Wikipedia. While there are multiple layers of complexity to resolve the nature of equitable representation across all digital platforms, it is an agreeable fact that there is significant value in increasing representation in Wikipedia.

The gender data gap is a major barrier to more equitable solutions across domains. Hidden Voices addresses this gap and strives to build an inclusive internet. Hidden Voices aims to develop information theoretical approaches, ML assisted auto identification and validation of external sources and textual analysis methods to auto-generate a first draft of Wikipedia-style biography for notable women in STEMM. Hidden Voices advocates inclusivity through its idealogy and practices inclusivity by embracing Open Source principles. This project will be built by the community, for the community.

Learn more about Hidden Voices' efforts from the project’s website here. You can also watch one of our PIs, Dr. Raji Baskaran from Superbloom Studios, talk about the inception and motivation of Hidden Voices here.